The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) shall provide for the installation, regulation, control, operation and use of the parking devices (inclusive of mobile handheld parking timing devices) and the enforcement of parking for which such parking devices are installed, provided for in this article and shall maintain such devices in good working condition; notwithstanding the foregoing or any other section of this Ordinance, if the DDA has not installed, on or before June 30, 2012, a parking meter system substantially similar to the Luke II multi-space pay station manufactured by Digital Payment Technology for the following streets:
   (a)   Saginaw Street from Union/Water Streets South to 7th Street;
   (b)   7th Street from Beach Street East to Harrison Street;
   (c)   5th Street from Beach Street East to Wallenberg Street;
   (d)   4th Street from Alley East to Brush Alley;
   (e)   3rd Street from Beach Street East to Brush Alley;
   (f)   2nd Street from Buckham Alley East to Brush Alley; and
   (g)   W. Kearsley from Buckham Alley to E. Kearsley to exit for Kearsley Street Parking Lot;
   the authority for parking enforcement granted to the DDA in this ordinance shall automatically terminate and be granted to the City of Flint Police Department.
(Ord. 894, passed 1-5-1950; Ord. 1992, passed 8-21-1967; Ord. 2095, passed 11-11-1968; Ord. 3694, passed 7-9-2007; Ord. 3724, passed 7-28-2008; Ord. 3801, passed 9-12-2011)