(a)   License.  No person shall operate a motor vehicle, cart, pushcart, or any other type of vehicle for the purpose of engaging in the business or occupation of selling ice cream or ice cream products on the streets, sidewalks and other public places of the City without a license for that purpose from the City issued by the City Clerk.
   (b)   Definitions.
      CART or PUSHCART.  All such forms of conveyance not included within the definition of “vehicle” as used herein.
      ICE CREAM, ICE CREAM PRODUCTS or CONFECTIONS.  Any frozen product made from cream and/or milk of any kind in connection with any other substance; and sherbet, ice or any imitation ice cream made of water, milk solids or substances, mixtures or compounds offered for sale in imitation of or to resemble ice cream or sherbet.
      VEHICLE.  Any vehicles which are self- propelled by self-contained mechanical means such as internal combustion engines, but shall not include those which are propelled merely by pushing, pedaling or other means of manpower.
(Ord. 856, passed 5-2-1949; Ord. 1327, passed 5-7-1956; Ord. 3073, passed 9-26-1988)