(a)   The downtown district shall be defined, for the purpose of this section, as the area under the authority of the DDA, as set forth in § 2-126 of the Flint City Code. The DDA shall be empowered to enforce and administer the entire parking system, inclusive of any and all violations of the City of Flint parking ordinances and/or regulations contained in this article or any other part of the Code of the City of Flint, and all parking devices, as defined in this chapter, within the district.
   (b)   No vehicle, occupied or not, shall be parked or stationary in any way in the downtown district for more than 2 (two) continuous hours between 5:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., except for Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays; notwithstanding the foregoing, City of Flint residents shall not be subject to either the 2 or 3 hour parking restrictions set forth above in this article if they park within 100 feet of the address listed on their driver’s license, voter’s registration and/or State of Michigan identification card.
   (c)   Those who violate the parking restriction described in subparagraph (b) above shall be required to pay a fine of (i) $15.00 (fifteen) dollars in calendar year 2008, (ii) $20.00 (twenty) dollars in calendar year 2009, and (iii) $25.00 (twenty-five) dollars in calendar year 2010, payable to the DDA, as designated on the face of the citation. The amount of the citation may be changed from time to time by resolution of City Council.
   (d)   The DDA shall be sole collector of any revenue derived from parking within the DDA District.
   (e)   The DDA may install parking devices, inclusive of meters or other similar devices, in the parking areas described in subparagraph (b)(1) above with charges not to exceed $2.00 (two) dollars per hour of use (the “not to exceed” charges shall be adjusted annually in accordance with changes in the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Price Indexes) with a maximum meter time of three hours and the depositing of additional coins shall not have the effect of extending the maximum parking time as stated on the parking device.
(Ord. 2095, passed 11-11-1968; Ord. 3109, passed 8-14-1989; Ord. 3394, passed 2-8-1999; Ord. 3694, passed 7-9-2007; Ord. 3727, passed 8-11-2008; Ord. 3802, passed 9-12-2011)