Article 501:  Administration and Law Enforcement
   501.01   Bribing policemen
   501.02   Refusal to aid police officer
   501.03   Obstructing police officer
   501.04   Reporting persons given emergency treatment
   501.05   False alarms of fire
   501.06   Resisting arrest
   501.07   Assault and battery on a police officer
   501.08   Falsely reporting an emergency
   501.09   Police dogs
   501.10   Criminal conspiracy
   501.11   Sex offender registration
Article 505:  Animals
   505.01   Noisy dogs and cats
   505.02   Dogs and cats running-at-large
   505.03   Impounding of dogs
   505.04   Notification to owner when licensed dog impounded
   505.05   Disposal of unlicensed dog
   505.06   Abandoning animals within the city
   505.07   Vicious, rabid or dangerous dogs
   505.08   Unlawful harboring of roosters, chickens, or exotic birds
   505.09   Bird sanctuary
   505.10   Slaughtering animals; meat from slaughtered animals
   505.11   Cruelty to animals
   505.12   Killing or poisoning animals
   505.13   Owner, keeper or walker of animals required to dispose of animal's excreta
   505.14   Certain animals and reptiles prohibited to be kept within city except pursuant to license or permit
   505.15   Prohibiting the feeding of deer within the city limits
   505.99   Penalty
Article 509:  Disorderly Conduct and Peace Disturbance
   509.01   Disorderly conduct
   509.02   Loitering; annoying building occupants
   509.03   Vagrants
   509.04   Intoxication or drinking in public place; illegal possession of alcoholic liquor
   509.05   Breath test regulations
   509.06   Certain work prohibited on Sunday; exceptions
   509.07   Parades and speeches; permit
   509.08   Disturbing and unnecessary noises
   509.09   Urination in public
   509.10   Possession of marihuana
   509.11   Charge of simple possession of controlled substances
   509.12   Charge of possessing drug abuse instruments
   509.13   Fee for seizure and/or impoundment of vehicles
   509.14   Disruptive activity
   509.15   Charge of appearing in a public place or automobile in a drug induced condition
Article 511:  Public Nuisances
   511.01   Purpose; public nuisance abatement
   511.02   Application
   511.03   Definitions
   511.04   Report, recommendations to Council and hearing
   511.05   Declaration of permanent nuisance
   511.06   Abatement by municipality
   511.07   Reconsideration of permanent nuisance
   511.08   Appeals and enforcement
   511.99   Penalty
Article 512:  Prohibited Outside Boiler Installation
   512.01   Purpose, prohibited installation
   512.02   Existing boilers registration
   512.03   Existing boilers fuel
   512.04   Existing boilers burning season
   512.05   Definitions
Article 513:  Explosives
   513.01   Permit required
   513.02   Applications and issuance of permit
   513.03   Revocation of permit
   513.04   Permit for blasting or other use of explosives
   513.05   Requirements for storage
   513.06   Report of sales
   513.07   Violation of article; seizure and disposition
   513.08   Exceptions to application of article
   513.09   Fireworks; definition; permit for public displays
Article 516:  Public Nuisances - Smoke
   516.01   Smoke control; duty of fuel users
Article 517:  Gambling
   517.01   Keeping or exhibiting gaming apparatus
   517.02   Permitting gaming apparatus on premises
   517.03   Acting as look out or guard for keeper of gaming apparatus
   517.04   Playing on gaming apparatus; hotels; public places
   517.05   Betting on games of chance; furnishing money therefor
   517.06   Gaming at hotels prohibited
   517.07   Poolrooms and pool tickets
   517.08   Lotteries and raffles
   517.09   Policy or numbers playing
   517.10   Possession of policy or numbers slips
   517.11   Gaming in bowling alley or billiard parlor
   517.12   Wagering on elections
   517.13   Interpretation of article
   517.14   Distances between establishments holding limited video lottery licenses
Article 521:  Indecency and Immorality
   521.01   Adultery and fornication
   521.02   Lewd or lascivious cohabitation and conduct
   521.03   Indecent exposure
   521.04   Exhibiting obscene literature
   521.05   Distribution of obscene literature by minors
   521.06   Profane cursing and swearing
   521.07   House of assignation
   521.08   Places of assignation declared nuisances
   521.09   Detention of person in place of prostitution
   521.10   Pandering
   521.11   Pimping
   521.12   Transporting for purpose of assignation
   521.13   Violation of article; bond required
   521.14   Preparation, distribution or exhibition of obscene matter to minors
   521.15   Restricting certain activities in relation to obscene matter
   521.16   Nude dancing and adult entertainment moratorium; penalty
Article 525:  Junk Yards
   525.01   Barrier required
   525.02   Piling or storing junk
   525.03   Conditions constituting nuisance
   525.04   Abatement of nuisance
Article 529:  Liquor Control
   529.01   General acts prohibited
   529.02   Unlawful sale or possession by alcoholic liquor licensee
   529.03   Nonintoxicating beer license required
   529.04   Certain acts prohibited by nonintoxicating beer licensee
   529.05   Bowling alleys and billiard parlors; intoxicating liquor
   529.06   Open container
   529.07   Sale, service, possession and/or consumption of alcohol on city property
Article 533:  Minors
   533.01   Contributing to delinquency or neglect of child
   533.02   Cruelty to children
   533.03   Curfew
   533.04   Alcohol prohibited
Article 537:  Offenses Relating to Persons
   537.01   Assault and battery
   537.02   Threatening or harassing telephone calls
   537.03   Inhaling harmful intoxicant
Article 541:  Offenses Relating to Property
   541.01   Advertising; distribution of handbills
   541.02   Attaching advertisement to trees
   541.03   Signs or lettering on sidewalk or pavement
   541.04   Malicious destruction of property
   541.05   Petit larceny
   541.06   Tampering with public utility meters; fraud
   541.07   Tampering with public utility conductors; fraud
   541.08   Shoplifting
   541.09   Littering stream or watercourse
   541.10   Obstructing bridges
   541.11   Skylights and fire escapes; accumulation of ice and snow
   541.12   Fair housing
   541.13   Trespass
   541.14   Tampering with CATV
   541.15   Leaving refuse, debris exposed
   541.16   Unlawful disposal of litter
   541.17   Theft of personal property
   541.18   Failure to pay for fuel
   541.19   Placing of interior furniture and appliances outdoors prohibited
   541.20   Parking prohibited
   541.99   Penalty
Article 545:  Safety
   545.01   Abandoned air-tight containers
   545.02   Abandoned vehicles; prohibited conditions; abatement
   545.99   Penalty
Article 549:  Streets and Sidewalks
   549.01   Playing games in streets
   549.02   Playing musical instrument in streets
   549.03   Begging or singing in streets
   549.04   Solicitation of patronage
   549.05   Selling, advertising or displaying merchandise on street or sidewalk
   549.06   Pouring oily substances on public places
   549.07   Throwing missiles prohibited
   549.08   Openings in sidewalks
   549.09   Sweeping sidewalks
   549.10   Animals on sidewalks
   549.11   Disturbing barriers or driving on closed streets
   549.12   Placing injurious matter in streets
   549.13   Use of public trash cans
   549.14   Deposits on street, sidewalk prohibited
   549.15   Operating motorized vehicles on walking and biking paths prohibited
Article 553:  Weapons
   553.01   License required
   553.02   Carrying, brandishing or using a weapon in a manner to cause a breach of the peace
   553.03   Discharging firearms; hunting
   553.04   Shooting at another person
   553.05   Shooting range designated
   553.06   Registration and bond required for air rifles and BB guns
   553.07   Display of dangerous weapons; reporting purchases
   553.08   Sale of arms to unnaturalized person or minor
Article 557:  Weeds and Other Noxious Materials
   557.01   Declaration of nuisances
   557.02   Definitions
   557.03   Notice to appear
   557.99   Penalty
Article 559:  Unlawful Disclosure of Information
   559.01   Prohibitions; penalties
   559.02   Definition
Article 560:  Enforcement Provisions, Citations Due to External Sanitation,
Weeds, Grass and Other Common Nuisances
   560.01   Authority
   560.02   Purpose and applicability
   560.03   Investigation
   560.04   Issuance of citations
   560.05   Penalties
   560.06   Nonpayment of fines
   560.07   Contested citations