Editor's note: The Weirton Charter was adopted at the election held on April 25, 1950. Council, pursuant to the authority granted by W. V. Code § 8-1-6, by Ordinance 228, passed May 25, 1970, provided that all provisions of the Charter which are sufficiently different from, though not in direct conflict with, pertinent provisions of W. V. Code Chapter 8 as to indicate that both should not be applicable, are to remain in full force and effect thereby superseding such statutory provisions.
   Dates appearing in parentheses following a section heading indicate those provisions were subsequently amended or enacted on the date given.
Article I: General Provisions
   1.   Incorporation; name
   2.   Governing body
   3.   Powers generally
Article II: Wards and Boundaries
   1.   Corporate boundaries
   2.   Wards (11-9-70)
   3.   Purpose of ward division
Article III: Administrative Authorities and Offices
   1.   Municipal authorities
   2.   Administrative offices
   3.   Qualifications and requirements
Article IV: The Mayor and Council Generally
   1.   Election and term of Mayor; powers and duties
   2.   Election and term of Council
Article V: The Council
   1.   Powers
   2.   Jurisdiction; enforcement of ordinances
   3.   Additional powers
Article VI: Council Meetings; Ordinances and Resolutions
   1.   Organization and regular meetings
   2.   Special meetings
   3.   Rules of order and procedure
   4.   Ordinances and resolutions generally
   5.   Quorum; conflict of interest
   6.   Meetings open to public
   7.   Introduction of ordinances and resolutions
   8.   Effective date of ordinances and resolutions
Article VII: Officers and Employees
   1.   City Manager
   2.   City Clerk
   3.   Police Court; Police Court Judge
   4.   City Attorney
   5.   City Financial Director
   6.   City Engineer
   7.   (Reserved)
   8.   Chief of Police
   8-A.   Police officers
   9.   Fire Chief
   9-A.   Fire Department; Volunteer Fire Department System
   10.   (Reserved)
   11.   Departments, commissions and boards
   12.   Oath of office
   13.   Bonds
Article VIII: Elections
   1.   Election requirements
   2.   (Reserved)
   3.   General elections
   4.   Election procedures
   5.   Ballots and voting methods
Article IX: Effective Date
   1.   Exceptions; continuation of offices