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   (a)   Obstructions Prohibited. (Amended by Ord. No. 163,509, Eff. 5/23/88.) On property at any corner of any intersection not controlled by official traffic control signals or by stop signs at or near the entrances to one or more intersecting streets it shall be unlawful to install, set out or maintain, or to allow the installation, setting out or maintenance of any sign, hedge, shrubbery, natural growth or other obstruction to the view necessary for the safe operation of motor vehicles at such intersections, higher than three feet above the level of the center of the adjacent intersection within any visibility triangle.
   The terms “visibility triangle”, as illustrated in Figure A, shall be deemed to be that portion of both public and private property located at any corner and bounded by the curb line or edge of roadway of the intersecting streets and a line joining points on the curb or edge of roadway 45 feet from the point of intersection of the extended curb lines or edges of roadway.
   The term “intersection” as used in this section is defined in Section 365 of the Vehicle Code of the State of California.
* NOTE: The hatched areas in this figure illustrate the visibility triangle areas at typical intersections.
   (b)   Exceptions: (Amended by Ord. No. 127,787, Eff. 8/1/64.) The foregoing provision shall not apply to permanent buildings; public utility poles; trees trimmed (to the trunk) to a line at least eight feet above the level of the intersection; saplings or plant species of open growth habits and not planted in the form of a hedge, which are so planted and trimmed as to leave at all seasons a clear and unobstructed cross-view; supporting members of appurtenances to permanent buildings existing on the date this ordinance becomes effective; official warning signs or signals; post signs as defined in Article 7, Chapter 6 of this Code; or to places where the contour of the ground is such that there can be no cross-visibility at the intersection.
   The Board may grant further exceptions where it finds that the encroachment is not an obstruction to visibility and where such encroachment is not in conflict with the zoning or building line regulations of Articles 2 and 4 of Chapter I of the Los Angeles Municipal Code. Applications for exception shall be in writing and shall be filed with the Board in the manner it prescribes.
   (c)   Enforcement. The enforcement of this ordinance shall be under the direction of the Board of Public Works. The Board shall designate representatives of the Department of Public Works who may, on behalf of the Board, investigate violations of this section, give such notices as may be required to carry out this section, and to perform such other duties in connection with the enforcement of this section as may be imposed upon them by the Board.
   (d)   Remedies. (Amended by Ord. No. 175,596, Eff. 12/7/03.) In addition to the remedies proved in Section 11.00 of this Code, or by State law, any obstruction maintained in violation of this section may be deemed a nuisance, and upon failure to abate the nuisance within 20 days after the posting upon the premises of notice to abate the nuisance signed by an authorized representative of the Board, an authorized representative of the Board may enter upon the premises and remove or eliminate the obstruction.
   All costs incurred pursuant to this section shall be a personal obligation against the owner of the property, recoverable by the City in an action before any court of competent jurisdiction. These costs shall include an amount equal to 40 percent of the cost to perform the actual work, but not less than the sum of $100.00, to cover the City’s costs for administering any contract and supervising the work required. In addition to this personal obligation and all other remedies provided by law, the City may collect any judgment, fee, cost, or charge, including any permit fees, fines, late charges, or interest, incurred in relation to the provisions of this section as provided in Los Angeles Administrative Code Sections 7.35.1 through 7.35.8.
   (e)   Scope. No obstruction to cross-visibility shall be deemed to be excepted from the application of this section because of its being in existence at the time of the adoption hereof, unless expressly exempted by the terms of this section.
   (f)   Additional Requirements Contained in Chapter I, Article 2. In addition to the requirements of this section, all corner lots in the C or M Zones shall be developed in accordance with the provisions of Section 12.21 C.7. of this Code. (Added by Ord. No. 143,825, Eff. 10/19/72.)
   (g)   Neither the enactment of this section nor the enforcement of or failure to enforce any provision herein is intended to or shall impose a liability upon the City not otherwise imposed by law. (Added by Ord. No. 163,509, Eff. 5/23/88.)