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   Any person who desires to have the Department of Public Works perform any special service or any grading, construct any pavement, or other surfacing, or curb, sidewalk, gutter or any other public works in any street, alley or other public way either by the letting of a contract therefor or by using labor employed by the City and materials purchased by the City, and who desires to pay to the City the cost or any portion of the cost of such work, may apply to the Board of Public Works therefor. The Board of Public Works is hereby empowered, at its discretion, to arrange for the performance of said work and to accept deposits of such amounts as shall be determined by the Board to be necessary to pay the costs of the said work or portion thereof, and the amount of incidental expenses incurred by the City, or portion thereof, in connection with the performance of said work. Said amounts shall be deposited with the City Treasurer to the credit of appropriate funds under the jurisdiction of the Board, for which a proper receipt shall be rendered to the depositor.
   Upon the completion of the work, any unused portion of the money deposited shall be refunded to the depositor.