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   That the following regulations shall apply to those certain streets in this City, known as Wilshire Boulevard, from Park View Avenue to the west City limits; Adams Street from Grand Avenue to Hoover Street; Boyle Avenue from Whittier Boulevard to First Street; Alvarado Street from Seventh Street to Hoover Street; and Occidental Boulevard from First Street to Sixth Street; which have been heretofore dedicated as open, public boulevards:
   (a)   No railroad or pipe line franchise shall ever be granted, and no railroad track or pipe line shall ever be laid or constructed, except water pipes, sewers, gas mains and conduits for telephone and electric wires, for service of the property fronting on said boulevards and house connections and connections of water, sewers, and gas pipe lines, or conduits for telephone and electric wires on intersecting streets.
   (b)   No permit shall ever be issued allowing the moving of any house or building along and upon said boulevards and no house moving shall ever be done on said boulevards or along and upon the same between said points.
   (c)   No person shall erect or maintain any telephone, telegraph or other pole or mast in or upon said Occidental Boulevard between First Street and Sixth Street; provided, however, that this section shall not apply to the erection or maintenance of any pole or mast for supporting street lamps erected and maintained by this City or by any person under contract with said City to light said boulevard.