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   Whenever the Council shall have, by Ordinance, ordered any street to be paved or otherwise improved, upon or across which the tracks of any steam, electric, interurban or street railroad exists, the Board shall, at the time said Board makes a written contract for and fixes the time for the completion of work described in such ordinance, by resolution, also fix the time within which any person having such steam, electric, interurban or street railroad tracks thereon, shall complete the reconstruction of the tracks and the roadbed of such tracks, in the manner provided in Sections 62.119 to 62.128 inclusive, and complete the paving in the manner specified in such ordinance, of the portion of such street, required by law, to be paved and kept in repair by such person, for the entire length of the street or portion thereof, used by such tracks and so ordered to be paved. In the case of any such street so ordered to be otherwise paved or improved, the Board shall fix a time within which any such person shall, in the manner specified in such ordinance, complete the paving or other improvement of such portion of such street, for the entire length of such street or portion thereof used by such tracks and ordered to be paved or otherwise improved. The Board by such resolution shall require such person to do the work specified therein, within the time so fixed. Said resolution shall refer to said ordinance for further particulars.
   Such time shall not be less than the time specified in such contract for the completion of the work described therein and may be for such longer period as the Board shall deem proper. The Board shall cause a copy of the resolution, certified by its secretary, to be forthwith served upon such person. Service of such copy may be made by delivering personally to the manager, superintendent or agent of such person in this City. Proof of the service of such notice shall be made by the affidavit of the person making the same and the record thereof shall be kept in the office of the Board. Nothing herein contained shall be construed to prevent the Board from extending the time so fixed by it and specified in said resolution, for good cause, and prior to the expiration thereof, upon an application in writing made by such person. Upon the service of the copy of the resolution, as aforesaid, it shall be the duty of such person to prosecute the work specified in resolution with due diligence to completion, within the time so fixed, or within such time as so extended by the Board.