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   (Amended by Ord. No. 128,226, Eff. 10/12/64.)
   1.   No person shall deposit or maintain any building material of any kind whatsoever, or any debris from any building or excavation, in or upon any public street:
   (a)   Within twenty-five (25) feet of any fire hydrant;
   (b)   Within eleven (11) feet of the nearest rail of any railroad track on such street;
   (c)   Where no railroad track exists, not more than ten (10) feet from such curb to the curb on the opposite side of the street;
   (d)   In any manner as to prevent the passage of any vehicle;
   (e)   In any manner as to obstruct the gutter space of the street;
   (f)   Except upon the same side of the street and immediately in front of the building in actual course of construction, alteration, repair or demolition.
   2.   Any person operating a crane in or upon the public street, whether required by Section 62.45 to obtain a permit or not, must comply with the following regulations:
   (a)   No unauthorized person or vehicle is to be permitted to pass or stand under the boom or load. All unauthorized persons and vehicles must be kept at a safe distance from such operations;
   (b)   Flagmen, barricades, signs and warning devices are to be provided and maintained whenever necessary to protect the public;
   (c)   The contractor shall be liable for all damage that occurs to public streets or improvements or property therein which is caused by or results from the operation of a crane in the public street;
   (d)   Any condition specified by the Board in granting the permit including, but not limited to, the hours and days that cranes may be parked or operated in a public street, and any safety measures to be taken by the permittee.