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   1   Business Taxes
   1.1   Telephone, Electricity and Gas Users Tax
   1.2   1984 Olympic Games Ticket Distribution Tax
   1.3   Commercial Tenant’s Occupancy Tax
   1.5   Use Tax [Suspended]
   1.6   Uniform Sales and Use Tax
   1.7   Transient Occupancy Tax
   1.8   Cigarette Tax Ordinance
   1.9   Real Property Transfer Tax
   1.10   Dwelling Unit Construction Tax
   1.12   Tax Penalty Amnesty of 2020
   1.13   Residential Development Tax
   1.14   Special Fire Safety and Paramedic Communications Equipment Tax
   1.15   Parking Occupancy Tax
   1.16   Special Police Communications / 911 System Tax
   1.17   Enterprise Zone Hiring Tax Credit Voucher Application Fees
   2   Definitions – Authority and Procedure – Revocation of Permits
   6   Bicycles and Vehicles
   8   Advertising
   9   Repossession of Motor Vehicles – Permit Requirements
   * Each reference in Sections 21.00 through 29.02, inclusive, to ‘City Clerk’ is amended to read ‘Director of Finance’ (Amended by Ord. No. 173,304 Eff. 6/30/00, Oper. 7/1/00). However, the City Clerk shall continue to perform the functions under Chapter II until such time as the Mayor and Council establish an official date of transfer of responsibilities.