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64.00   Definitions and Abbreviations.
64.06   Water Supply – Contamination of.
64.06.1   Water Supply – Sanitary Standards.
64.10   Water Courses.
64.11   Sewers – Undedicated Streets.
64.11.1   House Connection Sewer.
64.11.2   Sewage Facilities Charge for New Tracts.
64.11.3   Basis for Sewerage Facilities Charge.
64.11.4   Disposition of Sewerage Facilities Charge.
64.11.5   Temporary Waiver of Sewer Facilities Charge Due to 1994 Northridge Earthquake.
64.12   House Sewer Connection – Permit.
64.13   Permit Exemptions.
64.14   Duration and Revocation of Permits.
64.15   Permit and Inspection Fees.
64.15.1   Liability Insurance and Deposit Requirements.
64.16   Exemptions from Liability Insurance and Deposit Requirements.
64.16.1   Sewerage Facilities Charge for Sewer Connection.
64.16.2   Transfer of Industrial Flow Sewerage Facilities Charge Credits Within or Between Revitalization, Enterprise or Empowerment Zones.
64.17   Sewer Connection Regulations.
64.18   Bonded Sewers – Fees.
64.19   Refund of Sewer Fees.
64.19.1   Sewerage Facilities Fund.
64.19.2   Sewer Construction and Maintenance Fund.
64.19.3   Sewer Operation and Maintenance Fund.
64.19.4   Sewer Capital Fund.
64.20   Tapping Sewers, Storm Drains and Catch Basins.
64.21   Emergency Work.
64.22   Board to Keep Accounts.
64.22.1   Permit Fee Exemptions.
64.23   Drains, Sewers, Etc. – Notice of Abandonment.
64.25   Investigation on Private Property.
64.26   Mandatory Abandonment of Private Sewage Disposal Systems.
64.30   Industrial Wastewater Disposal.
64.30.1   Industrial Wastes Treated by County Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County (CSDLA).
64.31   Septage Disposal Control.
64.32   Privies – Prohibited.
64.33   Testing and Analysis of Materials, Products, Services, Processes and Technologies.