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   (Added by Ord. No. 160,459, Eff. 11/28/85.)
   (a)   Issuance of Permits.  The Board of Public Works may issue a permit for vibroseis surveys on public streets when the Board determines that such activity will not interfere with the public’s use of said street and this section has been complied with.
   No vibroseis survey shall be conducted on a public street without a current permit issued by the Board of Public Works as provided in this section.
   (b)   Application for Permit.  Requests for vibroseis surveys shall be filed with the Board at least thirty (30) days prior to the date requested for commencing permit-authorized work. The Board, upon receipt of an application for permit, shall give notice of the receipt thereof to the City Council office for each Council district in which the applicant requests permission to conduct its survey.
   (c)   Permit Fee.  The issuance of a permit shall be subject to payment of a permit fee plus a daily inspection fee assessable for each day the operation is in progress. The permit fee and daily inspection fee advance payment, based upon the applicant’s estimated number of days of operation, shall be paid at the time the application is filed. The fees herein shall be determined and adopted in the same manner as provided in Section 12.37I1 of the Los Angeles Municipal Code for establishing fees.  (Amended by Ord. No. 165,675, Eff. 5/11/90.)
   (d)   Conditions for Granting Permits.  The Board shall adopt written procedures and conditions relating to but not limited to, the requirements for liability insurance, citizen notification, restrictions on hours and days of operation, and other conditions set forth in the Bureau of Street Maintenance Report No. 1 adopted by the Board on September 24, 1984, a copy of which is a part of Council File No. 85-0532.  (Amended by Ord. No. 160,496, Eff. 12/19/85.)
   No permit shall issue unless the City Engineer has first determined and so notified the Board in writing, that the route of the vibroseis testing proposed in the application for permit does not contain potentially unsound clay or concrete sewer pipes, however, in the event the City Engineer cannot make such a determination, that office may recommend a prescribed alternate route through the area where such testing will not adversely affect such pipes, or, the Board may issue a permit on the condition that:
   1.   the permittee, prior to commencement of any such vibroseis work conduct a television inspection of any pipes in question and deliver the results of that inspection to the City Engineer;
   2.   the condition of the pipes so inspected by the permittee shall serve as a comparison basis for any similar television inspection by the City Engineer made after completion of the operation to ascertain whether the permittee’s operation has had any effect on the pipes; and
   3.   the permittee, prior to commencement of its operation, provides insurance as prescribed by the Board, and also agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the City from any adverse effects to any persons, to the pipes, or to any other private or public property.
   If the City Engineer does not make the necessary route or alternate route determination or recommendations, or the applicant fails or refuses to agree to television testing of potentially unsound pipes and indemnification as provided hereinabove, no permit shall issue.