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   (Added by Ord. No. 153,500, Eff. 4/18/80.)
   It shall be the duty of the Board, through its authorized officers and employees:
   (a)   Except as provided in Section 62.169 below, to set out or plant any and all shade trees and shrubbery on public streets or parkways, and to take general care and supervision of all trees, plants and shrubbery planted and growing in the streets of the City, and to encourage the planting, care and preservation of shade or ornamental trees and shrubbery in said streets as hereinafter set forth;  (Amended by Ord. No. 183,474, Eff. 4/19/15.)
   (b)   To inspect all trees, shrubs and plants in all streets of the City which are open for travel, and, upon discovering that any such trees, shrubs or plants are infected or infested with scale, plant or animal life or growth or any insect detrimental to the growth, health or life of such trees, shrubs or plants, to remove, eradicate or destroy such condition. If any trees, shrubs or plants in any street are so infected or infested to such a degree that such condition cannot be removed, eradicated or destroyed by the usual means and efforts employed, such trees, shrubs or plants may be removed and destroyed if such removal and destruction is deemed appropriate by the Board;
   (c)   To inspect any and all trees, shrubs and plants which are in any street in said City, or which, standing on any private estate, overhang or project into any such street, to determine whether any of the same or any part thereof appears to be dead, liable to fall, dangerous or an obstruction to public travel on any such street.