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   (Amended by Ord. No. 123,538, Eff. 2/9/63.)
   No permit to move any overload shall be issued by the Board unless the applicant has first:
   (a)   Made written application therefor upon forms provided by the Board. Said application shall fully describe the vehicle or vehicles to be operated and load to be moved, and except in the case of annual permits, the particular highways, public streets and places over which permission to operate is requested, and shall state whether such permit is requested for a single trip, or for continuous operation over a period not to exceed 30 days, or on an annual basis. The Board may require the applicant to furnish it with such other information as the Board determines is necessary under the circumstances in order to carry out the provisions of this article.
   (b)   Paid the fees required by Subsection (c) of this section and complied with all other applicable provisions of this article.
   (c)   (Amended by Ord. No. 165,675, Eff. 5/11/90.)  At the time the application is filed to the Board, the applicant shall pay:
   (1)   A fee for each single trip permit.
   (2)   A fee for each day a 30-day permit shall be in effect.
   (3)   A fee for each annual permit.
   The fees and charges herein shall be determined and adopted in the same manner as provided in Section 12.37I1 of the Los Angeles Municipal Code for establishing fees.
   (d)   In lieu of paying those individual permit fees required by Subsection (c) of this section and in lieu of making those deposits required by Section 62.146, the applicant may make and maintain with the Board a general deposit in the sum of $500.00 which shall be used to guarantee payment of permit fees and inspection fees to be billed on a monthly charge account basis.  (Added by Ord. No 136,358, Eff. 5/6/68.)