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   (Added by Ord. No. 150,478, Eff. 2/6/78.)
   Each permittee shall ascertain the location of any subsurface installation within the street at or adjacent to the location of the permittee’s proposed excavation and shall further ascertain whether any such installation carries an unstable substance. Before any work of excavation is commenced, the permittee shall, at least two working days before the commencement of such work, notify the owner of any subsurface installation as to the location of the permittee’s proposed excavation and the date and time when work is scheduled to commence, or shall notify any central clearing house established for such purpose, or both, as such notification may be directed by the City Engineer.
   In the event the proposed excavation is ascertained to be adjacent to and within six feet of the location of a subsurface installation carrying any unstable substance, the permittee shall cause potholes to be excavated as follows:
   1.   Where any such subsurface installation crosses a street transversely at the location of the proposed excavation, at least two potholes shall be excavated at each such transverse crossing; and
   2.   Where any such subsurface installation runs longitudinal to the street, potholes shall be excavated at intervals of 100 feet.
   Potholes shall be excavated at closer intervals than 100 feet or in excess of the minimum number required at transverse crossings if such additional potholes are needed in order to adequately locate any such subsurface installation. Power tools shall not be used for excavating potholes except for breaking pavement. Other approved locating methods may be substituted for potholing provided that the permittee has first obtained written permission therefor from the City Engineer.
   The permittee shall hold harmless and indemnify the City, its officers agents and employees of and from any and all liability or responsibility for any property damage or loss or injury or death to any person arising out of or occurring as the proximate result of any of the excavation.