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   No permit shall be issued to any house mover pursuant to the terms of Sections 62.84 to 62.93, inclusive, until the applicant therefor shall have deposited with the Board the sum of $77.00 for each day or portion thereof which is required to move such building plus an additional deposit of $11.00 for each such day or portion thereof for each additional section of such building to be moved at the same time over the same route, as stated in the application, provided for in Subsection (a) of Section 62.84. Any house mover may make and maintain with the Board a general deposit in the sum of $750.00, which general deposit shall be used for the same purpose as the special deposit mentioned in this section, and while such general deposit is maintained at the sum of $750.00, such house mover shall not be required to make the special deposit provided for in this section, but shall be required to comply with all other provisions set forth in Sections 62.84 to 62.93, inclusive. (Amended by Ord. No. 138,488, Eff. 6/12/69.)