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   (Amended by Ord. No. 165,675, Eff. 5/11/90.)
   (a)   Every applicant for a permit to move any overload required by law to be accompanied by an inspector shall deposit in advance an amount to be determined by the Board to be adequate to cover the cost of inspection. Such deposit shall be determined by applying the charge established by the Board for each 4 hours, or fraction thereof, to the time deemed by the Board necessary for the performance of such service. In lieu of making individual deposits for each application, the applicant may make and maintain with the Board a general deposit in the sum of $500.00, which shall be used to guarantee payment of permit fees and inspection fees to be billed on a monthly charge account basis.
   (b)   At the completion of the moving of such overload, the Board should deduct from such individual deposit (or if a general deposit is maintained, the Board shall bill) the established charge for each 4 hours or fraction thereof of time required for such inspection, and shall refund to the depositor any difference between the amount deposited and the amount so deducted.
   (c)   Charges herein shall be determined and adopted in the same manner as provided in Section 12.37I1 of the Los Angeles Municipal Code for establishing fees.