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   (Renumbered from former Sec. 62.251 and amended by Ord. No. 186,854, Eff. 1/14/21.)
   A.   General Provisions.
   1.   Purpose.  The purpose of this section is to improve coordination of construction activities and other encroachments, reduce related effects on businesses and residents, and minimize the loss of traffic capacity resulting from construction or maintenance (including, but not limited to, rail, utility, private development, street improvement, street maintenance, Special Events, parades, assemblies, vending, location filming and still photo shoots), or any other Activity within the Street.
   2.   Scope.  This section shall apply to all permits issued by the City that allow encroachment on any Public Street as defined in LAMC 62.00.  This section also shall apply to any Activity not requiring a permit by any City agency or other entity that will encroach on any Street.
   B.   Definitions.  For the purposes of this article, the following definitions apply:
   1.   Activity.  Activity is any temporary occupation of a Public Street that requires the temporary closure or restricts the full or partial use of a Public Street having a duration of greater than four hours.
   2.   Designated Administrative Agency (DAA).  The City's Department of Public Works is hereby charged with serving as the Designated Administrative Agency (DAA), for the purposes of this ordinance.  The DAA shall promulgate rules, protocols, procedures, and exemptions for the implementation and enforcement of this ordinance, consistent with the provisions herein.
   3.   Public Way Reservation System (PWRS).  The PWRS is a geographic information, right-of-way management system, which displays proposed Activity within a Public Street and identifies the entity performing the Activity along with the scope and scheduled time.
   4.   Public Way Reservation System Applicant (PWRS Applicant).  PWRS Applicant is any Person or any department or officer of the City which is attempting to reserve space in a Public Street for their proposed Activity.
   C.   Public Way Reservation.  Any Person that engages in an Activity within a Public Street is required to reserve space within the Public Street and coordinate that activity or work using the PWRS.
   D.   Dispute Resolution.  Disputes amongst PWRS Applicants when coordinating conflicts shall be handled in accordance with rules and regulations established by the DAA.
   E.   Exemptions.  The following Activity shall be exempt from the PWRS requirement of this section:
   1.   Emergency Work.
   2.   Any other Activity exempted by the DAA.