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   (Title and Section Amended by Ord. No. 184,054, Eff. 3/6/16.)
   Where the City Engineer finds that a building, structure or improvement maintained or proposed to be constructed within a public street will not interfere with the maintenance or use of the street, and is not intended for use by the public, the Bureau of Engineering may issue one or more permits for the maintenance or proposed construction of such building, structure or improvement, or for an excavation in connection with such maintenance or construction. The Bureau of Engineering shall charge and collect a fee to conduct an investigation to determine whether to issue a permit pursuant to the provisions of this section, and shall charge a fee of $556 if no field investigation is required (Tier 1 fee), and shall charge a fee of $1,854 if a field investigation is required (Tier 2 fee). If an applicant paid a Tier 1 fee and the Bureau of Engineering determines that it will be required to conduct a field investigation, the Bureau shall charge and collect from the applicant a fee of $1,298 in addition to the $556 already paid. If the Bureau is required to prepare a report of its investigation for consideration by the Board, the applicant shall not owe a Tier 1 or Tier 2 fee, and instead the Bureau shall charge and collect its actual costs (Tier 3 fee) and a deposit of such costs as determined and collected pursuant to the provisions of Section 61.15.