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   Any person desiring to obtain the permit required in Section 62.69 shall sign and file an application in writing therefor with the Board which shall contain the following statements:
   (a)   The name and address of the applicant;
   (b)   The exact location, giving the number of the lot and block and the name of the tract, where it is proposed to erect, maintain or operate the pipe, casing or other appliance or apparatus, or the truss or standard for holding or supporting the same;
   (c)   A statement that the applicant agrees to conform in all respects to and obey all provisions of this Code and all ordinances of this City in force at the time of filing the application, or that may thereafter be adopted relative to the erection, maintenance or operation of pipes, casings, or other appliances or apparatus, or trusses or standards across any street or sidewalk for the purpose of loading any oil tank wagons or vehicles.