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   No person shall erect, maintain or operate any rope, wire or cable over or across any street for the purpose of pumping oil from oil wells in a manner contrary to the following provisions:
   (a)   The clearance between any such rope, wire or cable and the surface of the street over or across which the same is maintained or operated shall not be less than fifteen (15) feet;
   (b)   Each such rope, wire or cable used for pumping shall be supported across such street by means of hanging ropes, wires or cables attached to a suspension cable and placed not more than eighteen (18) feet apart;
   (c)   Such suspension cable shall be so placed and maintained that the same will be and remain at all times above the pumping cable supported by such suspension cable;
   (d)   Such suspension cable shall be supported by poles, standards or columns erected on each side of the street across which such cable is maintained;
   (e)   No pole, standard or column, and no brace for the same, shall be placed or maintained within any street;
   (f)   Each such rope, wire or cable shall be supported in such other manner as the Board shall deem necessary for public safety.