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(Title Amended by Ord. No. 138,800, Eff. 6/13/69, Oper. 6/23/69.)
12.00   Title.
12.01   Continuation of Existing Regulations.
12.02   Purpose.
12.03   Definitions.
12.04   Zones – Districts – Symbols.
12.04.01   Violations of Specific Plans.
12.04.05   “OS” Open Space Zone.
12.04.09   “PF” Public Facilities Zone.
12.05   “A1” Agriculture Zone.
12.06   “A2” Agricultural Zone.
12.07   “RA” Suburban Zone.
12.07.01   “RE” Residential Estate Zone.
12.07.1   “RS” Suburban Zone.
12.08   “R1” One-family Zone.
12.08.1   RU Residential Urban Zone.
12.08.3   RZ Residential Zero Side Yard Zone.
12.08.5   “RW1” Residential Waterways Zone.
12.09   “R2” Two-Family Zone.
12.09.1   “RD” Restricted Density Multiple Dwelling Zone.
12.09.3   “RMP” Mobilehome Park Zone.
12.09.5   “RW2” Residential Waterways Zone.
12.10   “R3” Multiple Dwelling Zone.
12.10.5   RAS3 Residential/Accessory Services Zone Purpose Statement.
12.11   “R4” Multiple Dwelling Zone.
12.11.5   RAS4 Residential/Accessory Services Zone Purpose Statement.
12.12   “R5” Multiple Dwelling Zone.
12.12.1   “P” Automobile Parking Zone.   “PB” Parking Building Zone.
12.12.2   “CR” Limited Commercial Zone.
12.13   “C1” Limited Commercial Zone.
12.13.5   “C1.5” Limited Commercial Zone
12.14   “C2” Commercial Zone.
12.16   “C4” Commercial Zone.
12.16.1   “CW” Central City West Specific Plan Zone.
12.16.2   ADP Alameda District Specific Plan Zone.
12.16.3   LASED Los Angeles Sports and Entertainment District Specific Plan Zone.
12.16.4   CEC Convention and Event Center Specific Plan Zone.
12.16.5   USC-1A University of Southern California University Park Campus Specific Plan Subarea 1A Zone.
12.16.6   USC-1B University of Southern California University Park Campus Specific Plan Subarea 1B Zone.
12.16.7   USC-2 University of Southern California University Park Campus Specific Plan Subarea 2 Zone.
12.16.8   USC-3 University of Southern California University Park Campus Specific Plan Subarea 3 Zone.
12.16.9   PVSP Ponte Vista at San Pedro Specific Plan Zone.
12.17   “C5” Commercial Zone.
12.17.1   “CM” Commercial Manufacturing Zone.
12.17.2   “CM(GM)” Commercial Manufacturing (Glencoe/Maxella) Specific Plan Zone.
12.17.5   “MR1” Restricted Industrial Zone.   “CCS” Century City South Specific Plan Studio Zone.
12.17.6   “M1” Limited Industrial Zone.
12.18   “MR2” Restricted Light Industrial Zone.
12.18.1   “WC” Warner Center Specific Plan Zone.
12.19   “M2” Light Industrial Zone.
12.19.1   LAX Los Angeles International Airport Zone.
12.20   “M3” Heavy Industrial Zone.
12.20.1   SL Ocean – Submerged Land Zone.
12.20.2   Coastal Development Permits (Prior to Certification of the Local Coastal Program.)   Coastal Development Permit Procedures After Certification of the Local Coastal Program.
12.20.3   “HP” Historic Preservation Overlay Zone.
12.21   General Provisions.
12.21.1   Height of Building or Structures.
12.21.2   Height of Buildings or Structures in Century City.
12.21.3   Height of Buildings or Structures in Community Redevelopment Plan Areas.
12.21.4   Height of Buildings or Structures in Enterprise Zones.
12.21.5   Height of Buildings or Structures in Centers Study Areas.
12.21.6   Height of Buildings or Structures in All R1V, R1F, and R1R One-Family Zone Variations.
12.22   Exceptions.
12.22.1   City of Los Angeles Safer Filming Ordinance.
12.23   Nonconforming Building and Uses.
12.24   Conditional Use Permits and Other Similar Quasi-Judicial Approvals.
12.24.1   Land Use Determination by City Planning Commission.
12.25   Time Limitations.
12.26   Department of Building and Safety.
12.27   Variances.
12.27.1   Administrative Nuisance Abatement Proceedings.
12.28   Adjustments and Slight Modifications.
12.29   Violation of Conditions – Penalty.
12.30   Boundaries of Zones.
12.31   Interpretation – Purpose – Conflict.
12.32   Land Use Legislative Actions.
12.33   Park Fees and Land Dedication.
12.34   Application of Provisions.
12.35   Zoning of Annexed or Unzoned Areas.
12.36   Projects Requiring Multiple Approvals. (Charter § 564).
12.37   Highway and Collector Street Dedication and Improvement.
12.38   Dedication of Streets by Long Term Leases.
12.40   Landscape – General Requirements.
12.41   Landscape – Water Management.
12.42   Landscape.
12.43   Source Reduction of Waste.
12.50   Airport Approach Zoning Regulations.
12.70   Adult Entertainment Zoning.
12.80   Homeless Shelters – Emergencies – City Owned and Leased Property.
12.81   Homeless Shelters – Emergencies – Charitable Organizations.
12.82   Homeless Shelters – Emergencies – El Niño 2016.