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   (Added by Ord. No. 115,316, Eff. 2/15/60.)
   Except as provided in Section 62.105.4 of this article:
   (a)   No portion of a driveway shall be constructed between the prolonged intersecting property lines at any street or alley intersection, or between the points of curvature of any curb return having a radius of 20 feet or less.
   (b)   No driveway shall encroach on or upon any curb return beyond or ahead of an existing traffic regulating device, and no portion of any driveway shall be constructed within five feet of an existing lighting standard. The location of a driveway with respect to traffic signals, poles, sign posts or fire hydrants shall be in accordance with City Engineer’s standard plan of driveways.
   (c)   No driveway approach shall be permitted if the abutting lot does not permit sufficient accommodation for the vehicles using said approach to park without encroaching into or upon the adjacent sidewalks.
   (d)   No portion of a driveway approach, except side slopes, serving a certain lot shall extend in front of the adjoining lot without the consent of the owner of said adjoining lot. For this purpose, the division between two lots shall be a line passing through the common lot corner at right angles to the curb line regardless of the direction of the side lot line.
   (e)   (Added by Ord. No. 162,096, Eff. 4/27/87.) If a lot in an RD1.5 or less restrictive zone has legal and physical access to both a standard street and a substandard street, then:
   (1)   no new driveway shall be constructed from that lot to a substandard street; and
   (2)   no existing driveway to a substandard street shall be enlarged in conjunction with a building permit for an intensification of use of the lot served by the enlarged driveway.
   Ten days prior to the issuance of a Class “A” permit for a driveway onto a standard street from a lot which also has access to a substandard street, the City Engineer shall notify the Department of Transportation of the pending application for a permit.
   For the purposes of this subsection: the City Engineer shall determine whether a street, is standard or substandard; and
   “intensification of use” shall mean any development of a site which would increase the height, floor area, number of occupants, dwelling units, guest rooms, or required parking previously contained in an existing building or on the lot; and
   “development” shall mean the construction of any building or structure, or the addition to or change of use of any land, building or structure.