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   Whenever the Council shall order the street upon or across which there are any steam, electric, interurban or street railroad tracks, to be paved or otherwise improved, any person having such tracks thereon, or across the same, shall pave or otherwise improve that portion of such street required by law to be paved and kept in repair, by any person having steam, electric, interurban or street railroad tracks thereon, in the following manner:
   The portion of the street between the rails, and for two (2) feet on each side thereof and between the tracks, if there be more than one, shall be paved or otherwise improved in a similar manner in all respects; except as hereinafter provided, to the work so ordered to be performed upon the contiguous portion of the street, under the same specifications and superintendence, with the same kinds of material and to the like satisfaction and acceptance; provided, that upon all streets which may be hereafter paved with asphalt, that portion of the street for a space of not less than six and one-half (6 1/2) inches on the gauge side and not less than three and three-quarter (3 3/4) inches on the outer side of each rail of such tracks and contiguous thereto, shall be paved with stone blocks; all of said blocks to be laid evenly and uniformly on edge in cement mortar upon a concrete foundation and grouted with hydraulic or Portland cement mortar, composed by volume, of one (1) part of cement to one (1) part sand. Special types of blocks or special methods of constructing the pavement along the rails, may be used with the written consent of the Board. Upon all streets which may be hereafter improved or re-improved with asphalt or similar pavement, the specifications for which require a binder course, such binder course need not be constructed between the rails, within two (2) feet of the rails, or between the tracks, if there be more than one track.
   The entire roadbed construction and paving, except as herein otherwise provided shall be in accordance with the plans and cross sections for railroad track construction, on file in the office of the City Engineer, which plans and cross sections are numbered 26.261 and 26.262 and are designated “Plans and Cross Sections for Street Railroad Track Construction in the City of Los Angeles,” and are hereby adopted as and for the plans and cross sections therefor.