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   (Amended by Ord. No. 108,646, Eff. 2/3/57.)
   It shall be the duty of any house mover, when required by the Board, to cause boards of sufficient strength to carry the load, without breaking to be placed under all of the rollers or wheels to serve as a runway for such rollers or wheels during the removal of any building or structure, or section or portion thereof, along every street improved in any other manner than by asphalt or concrete. At no time shall such rollers or wheels be permitted to revolve except upon such board runway when the same is required by the Board.
   All buildings shall be loaded on equipment having rubber-tired wheels.
   In the event that the equipment of the house mover is not sufficient for the work required, or if a street or the use thereof, or the property of any public utility will be at any time endangered or damaged by such removal, or if such house mover, or his servants or employees at any time violate any of the terms, conditions or restrictions of the permit required by Sec. 62.84, either as to the size of dimensions of the building or structure being removed, or the route of such removal or otherwise, the authorized inspector shall be empowered to stop the progress of such removal and shall report such fact to the Board.
   The Board may adopt such rules and regulations as in its judgment may be needed to control the moving, the size, the weight, the equipment, the personnel, or any safety device necessary to safeguard the public interest safety, welfare and property in all matters pertaining to house moving.