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   The provisions of Sections 62.122 and 62.123 shall not be deemed to require the use of grooved girder rails of the type described therein in the construction, operation or maintenance of electric street railroad tracks, upon the streets hereinafter named, or to require the removal of rails, other than grooved girder rails, laid prior to the adoption of Ordinance No. 29,121, approved February 3, 1914, in, upon or along the following named streets:
   Washington Street from Western Avenue to the westerly City Limits; Vernon Avenue from Vermont Avenue to the easterly City Limits; Adams Street from Eleventh Avenue to the westerly City Limits; Hoover Street from Seventh Street to Wilshire Boulevard; Beaudry Avenue from Alpine Street to Sunset Boulevard; Commonwealth Avenue from Wilshire Boulevard to Fifth Street.
   Nothing contained in this section shall be deemed to relieve any person constructing, operating or maintaining electric street railroad tracks in, upon or along any said tracks above named, in the event the rails of said tracks are hereafter removed, or said tracks, or roadbed reconstructed, from replacing the rails so removed and constructing the roadbed of such electric street railroad in accordance with the provisions of Sections 62.119 to 62.128 inclusive.