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   (a)   All Class “A” and “B” permits issued under the provisions of Sections 62.105 to 62.116, inclusive, shall expire and be cancelled six (6) months after the date of their issue, unless sooner requested by the permittee and unless actual construction of the work authorized by the permit has been commenced prior to the expiration of the six (6) month period; all Class “A” and “B” permits shall expire and be cancelled sixty (60) days after the date on which actual construction of the work was commenced, unless a longer construction period is specified in the permit, in which case such permit shall expire at the end of the longer construction period specified therein. The Board may extend the time for the starting or the completion of the work, upon good and sufficient cause being shown therefor by the permittee, and such extension shall not be deemed to release any surety or any bond posted pursuant to Section 62.111.
   (b)   In the event any permittee shall not construct a portion of the work authorized by a Class “A” permit, such permit, upon the application of the permittee, may be cancelled as to the omitted work only.
   (c)   The permits issued for any work in streets designated by the Board as important traffic arteries shall contain a completion date specified by the City Engineer in the permit and the permittee shall complete the work within the time specified in said permit. (Added by Ord. No. 111,083, Eff. 5/10/58.)