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   (Title and Section Amended by Ord. No. 182,237, Eff. 9/28/12.)
   (a)   Fee Amount. The fee charged by the Bureau of Engineering to process a Class "B" permit application shall be the actual cost of services provided by the City for issuance and oversight of the permit and permitted project, except for costs that may be incurred by a Proprietary Department subject to the provisions of Article VI of the Los Angeles City Charter, and except for the Street Damage Restoration Fee and the Slurry Seal Damage Restoration Fee.
   The determination of the amount of actual City costs shall be made pursuant to the provisions of Section 62.05 (a)(2), and the determination shall include but not be limited to the following costs:
   1.   Design, plan checking, surveying and all engineering costs and fees;
   2.   Inspection;
   3.   Testing of materials;
   4.   Furnishing of streetlight energy;
   5.   Furnishing and installing street name signs, street trees, traffic warning or regulatory signs; and
   6.   Sandblasting obsolete pavement markings.
   Notwithstanding the first sentence of this Subsection, the City reserves the right to impose additional fees and charges for services provided or costs incurred that were not included in the basis of the determination of the City's actual costs.
   (b)   Deposit and Fee Collection Procedures. Before the Bureau of Engineering may issue a Class "B" permit subject to the provisions of this Section, the applicant must deposit with the Bureau an amount that the Bureau estimates will be owed pursuant to the provisions of this Subsection. The procedures contained at Section 62.05 (a)(2) shall apply to the collection of fees owed and deposit required pursuant to the provisions of this Section.