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   (a)   Upon the issuance of the permit provided for in Section 62.84 it shall be the duty of the Board to so notify all Public Utilities affected thereby, and to instruct any of such Public Utilities to temporarily rearrange any of their properties necessary to permit the passage of any building or structure upon, over, along or across any street. Such notification shall state the time when and the route over which such temporary rearrangement of any property of said Public Utility shall occur;
   (b)   No Public Utility shall fail, neglect or refuse to comply with said notice by the Board ordering such temporary rearrangement;
   (c)   Such Public Utility shall charge each housemover, as compensation for making such temporary rearrangement of its property, the actual cost of rearranging and restoring any of said property plus a reasonable sum, not exceeding fifteen percent (15%) of such actual cost, as an allowance for supervision.
   (d)   Such Public Utility must within 30 days from and after the completion of the work of making such temporary rearrangement or restoring of its property, present an itemized bill of the cost thereof to the housemover for whom such temporary rearrangement or restoring of its property was made.
   (e)   In case the cost of the rearrangement, protection and restoration of said property is less than the amount estimated and deposited, as provided in Subsection (C) of Section 62.84, then the public utility shall return to the permittee depositing the same the amount of unused balance of said deposit, less the damage to said property, if any, caused by the negligence of the permittee in moving any building or structure or section or portion thereof. In case the actual cost is more than the amount estimated then such public utility affected shall collect the actual cost of the work from the permittee and the permittee shall pay said total cost. In the event a change of route is necessary, any additional expense shall be borne by the permittee. (Amended by Ord. No. 131,900, Eff. 4/9/66.)
   (f)   The utility company shall notify the permittee of any additional work required and it shall be incumbent upon the permittee to order said work done, or have a representative on the ground who shall be authorized to order said additional work by approving the expense in connection with such additional work.