Title, Purpose and Application
   155.001   Title
   155.002   Findings and declaration of policy
   155.003   Purpose
   155.004   Application and conflict
   155.005   Construction
   155.006   Validity
   155.010   General rules
   155.011   Specific meanings of words
Enforcement, Appeal and Penalty
   155.020   Inspection and nonliability
   155.021   Right of entry
   155.022   Designation of resident agent
   155.023   Legal notice of violation
   155.024   De minimus violation notice
   155.025   Hearing and decision on legal notice of violation
   155.026   Order to vacate
   155.027   Emergency orders
   155.028   Dangerous buildings defined
   155.029   Declaration of nuisance and orders
   155.030   Dangerous building placarded; condemned
   155.031   Vacation and repair of buildings
   155.032   Emergency vacation and repair
   155.033   Demolition hearing by Board
   155.034   Demolition by City
   155.035   Recovery of demolition costs
   155.036   Penalty
   155.037   Enforcement
Duties and Responsibilities
   155.040   Leasing, contract and owner responsibility
   155.041   Safety and cleanliness
   155.042   Waste disposal
   155.043   Pest control
   155.044   Supplied equipment and fixtures
   155.045   Discontinuance of service or utilities
General and Environmental Requirements
   155.050   Door locks
   155.051   General maintenance requirements
   155.052   Maintenance of foundations
   155.053   Maintenance of roofs, gutters, downspouts and chimneys
   155.054   Maintenance of building exteriors
   155.055   Maintenance of interior walls, ceilings and floors
   155.056   Infestation
   155.057   Exterior property area hazards and nuisances
   155.058   Sidewalks, curbs, parking areas and driveways
   155.059   Accessory buildings
   155.0591   Maintenance and removal of signs
   155.0592   Rubbish and garbage disposal
   155.0593   Building street numbers
   155.0594   Identification and security of dwelling units
   155.0595   Lighting of public or common areas
   155.0596   Janitor, custodian or person responsible
   155.0597   Lead based paint
   155.0598   Abandoned refrigerators and airtight containers
Weeds, Trees and Litter
   155.060   Definitions; keeping down weeds
   155.061   Property to be cleared
   155.062   Control of vegetation in the public right-of-way
   155.063   Failure to comply with notice; work by City
   155.064   Assessment of cost by City
   155.065   Written return to County Auditor; costs a lien
   155.066   Removal of litter
   155.067   Location, construction and maintenance of household composting operations
Habitable Floor Area and Rooms
   155.071   Restrictions for habitable rooms below grade
   155.072   Utility rooms prohibited as garage
   155.073   Residential maximum occupancy regulations
Plumbing Facilities and Fixtures
   155.080   Dwelling unit required sanitary and kitchen facilities
   155.081   Communal kitchens prohibited
   155.082   Plumbing fixtures and water heating facilities
Mechanical and Electrical
   155.090   Heating capacity
   155.091   Supply of heat
   155.092   Fireplace conversion requirements
   155.093   Flue connections required
   155.094   Prohibited types and locations of heating equipment
   155.095   Venting of heaters and burners
   155.096   Electrical facilities required
   155.097   Automatic gas control valves
   155.098   Installation and maintenance of supplied facilities
Fire Safety
   155.100   Smoke detectors required for dwelling units
   155.101   Access and egress
   155.102   Additional fire protection features
Vacant Buildings
   155.110   Requirements for vacant buildings and premises
   155.111   Minimum standards for effective boarding