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Sec. 350. Claims Against City.
   (a)   Claim Required. No suit shall be brought on any claim for money or damages against the City, or any officer or board of the City, until a claim has been filed with the City Clerk, and rejected in whole or in part. If rejected in part, suit may be brought to recover the whole. Claim procedures and requirements shall be governed by state law or ordinance not inconsistent with state law. Except in those cases where a shorter period of time is otherwise provided by state law, all claims for damages against the City must be presented within six months for personal injury and within one year for property damage after the occurrence from which the damages arose, or after the last item of the account or claim accrued.
   (b)   Action on Claim. In all cases, the claim shall be approved or rejected in writing and the date given. Failure to act upon any claim within 45 days from the date the claim is filed with the City Clerk or, if amended, within 45 days after the amended claim is filed with the City Clerk, or within any greater period provided by state law, shall be deemed to be a rejection.
   (c)   Applicability. The requirements of this section shall not apply to claims for payment upon presentation and surrender of any bonds, notes or other evidences of indebtedness authorized by the Charter or state law and payable solely from any revenue fund or other special fund.