Article A. Citation, Purpose, Nature And Application Of Zoning Ordinance
12-201: Citation
12-202: Purpose
12-203: Nature And Application
12-204: Interpretations Of Words And Terms
Article B. Establishment Of Districts
12-210: Number Of Districts
12-211: Zoning District Map
12-212: Zoning, Annexed Territory
12-213: Compliance Required
12-214: Vacation Of Public Easements
Article C. Residential Districts (R)
12-220: R-1 Single-Family Residential District
12-221: Uses Permitted
12-222: Uses Permitted On Review
12-223: Area Regulations
12-224: Height Regulations
12-225: R-2 Two-Family Residential District
12-226: Uses Permitted
12-227: Uses Permitted On Review
12-228: Area Regulations
12-229: Height Regulations
12-230: R-3 General Residential District
12-231: Uses Permitted
12-232: Uses Permitted On Review
12-233: Area Regulations
12-234: Height Regulations
12-235: R-4 Residential Estate District
12-236: Uses Permitted
12-237: Uses Permitted On Review
12-238: Area Regulations
Article D. Commercial Districts (C)
12-240: C-1 Neighborhood Shopping District
12-241: Uses Permitted
12-242: Uses Permitted On Review
12-243: Area Regulations
12-244: Height Regulations
12-245: C-2 Office Commercial District
12-246: Uses Permitted
12-247: Area Regulations
12-248: Height Regulations
12-250: C-3 Planned Shopping Center District
12-251: Uses Permitted
12-252: Area Regulations
12-253: Height Regulations
12-254: Off Street Parking
12-255: Administrative Procedures For Planned Shopping Center Development
12-256: C-4 General Commercial District
12-257: Uses Permitted
12-258: Uses Permitted On Review
12-259: Open Display Uses Permitted
12-260: Area Regulations
12-261: Height Regulations
Article E. Industrial Districts (I)
12-265: I-1 Restricted Manufacturing And Warehousing District
12-266: Uses Permitted; Uses Permitted On Review
12-267: Area Regulations
12-268: Height Regulations
12-269: Sign Regulations
12-270: I-2 Light Industrial District
12-271: Uses Permitted; Uses Permitted On Review
12-272: Area Regulations
12-273: Height Regulations
12-274: Sign Regulations
12-275: I-3 General Industrial District
12-276: Uses Permitted
12-277: Uses Permitted On Review
12-278: Area Regulations
12-279: Height Regulations
12-280: Sign Regulations
Article F. Other Districts
12-290: F-1 Floodplain District
12-291: Application As An Overlay District
12-292: Boundaries Established
12-293: Uses Permitted
12-294: Development Permit Required
12-295: Change Of Zoning Map For F-1 Floodplain District
12-296: Adoption Of Regulations
12-297: Failure To Comply With Flood Hazard Regulation; Offense
12-300: T-C Tourist Commercial District
12-301: Uses Permitted
12-302: Uses Permitted On Review
12-303: Advertising Signs Or Structures
12-304: Other Uses
12-305: Area And Setback Requirements
12-306: Height Regulations
12-307: Special Provisions
Article G. Agricultural Districts (A)
12-320: A-1 General Agricultural District
12-321: Uses Permitted
12-322: Uses Permitted On Review
12-323: Area Regulations
12-324: A-2 Suburban District
12-325: Uses Permitted
12-326: Uses Permitted On Review
12-327: Area Regulations
12-328: Height Regulations
12-329: AP Agriculture Preserve District
12-330: Uses Permitted
12-331: Uses Permitted On Review
12-332: Area Regulations
12-333: Height Regulations
12-334: CO Highway 7 Corridor Overlay District
12-335: Overlay District Boundaries
12-336: Uses Permitted
12-337: Nonresidential Development Standards
Article H. Planned Unit Zoning And Multiple-Family Dwellings
12-340: Purpose Of Planned Unit Development
12-341: Planned Unit Development Authorized
12-342: Planned Unit Development Procedures
12-343: RE Rural Estates Zoning District
12-344: Uses Permitted
12-345: Uses Permitted On Review
12-346: Accessory Uses Permitted
12-347: Area Regulations
12-348: Special Provisions
Article I. Requirements For Satellite Television (Dish) Antennas
12-350: Satellite Television (Dish) Antennas Defined
12-351: Location Of Satellite Antenna In Residential Zoning
12-352: Location Of Satellite Television Antenna Or Dish Antenna In Other Zoning
12-353: Permit Requirements
12-354: Permit Requirement For Use Of Satellite By Persons Other Than Occupant Or Property Owner
12-355: Transmission For Satellite Television Or Dish Antenna License
Article J. General Provisions Applying To All Or To Several Districts
12-360: Application Of Regulation To The Uses Of A More Restricted District
12-361: Open Space
12-362: Height
12-363: Group Housing Projects
12-364: Storage And Parking Of Trailers And Commercial Vehicles
12-365: Architectural Design Of Accessory Buildings And Fences
12-366: Animals
12-367: Storage Of Liquefied Petroleum Gases
12-368: Off Street Automobile And Vehicle Parking And Loading; General Intent And Application
12-369: Required Open Space
12-370: Location
12-371: Joint Parking Facilities
12-372: Size Of Off Street Parking Space
12-373: Amount Of Off Street Parking And Loading Required
12-374: Off Street Parking Lots In Residential Districts
12-375: Paved Surface Required
12-376: Court Requirements For Multiple-Family Dwellings
12-377: Residential Carports
12-378: Sign Regulations
12-379: Residential Outdoor Storage Requirements
Article K. Nonconforming Buildings, Structures And Uses Of Land
12-380: Nonconforming Buildings And Structures
12-381: Alteration Or Enlargement Of Buildings And Structures
12-382: Outdoor Advertising Signs And Structures
12-383: Building Vacancy
12-384: Change In Use
12-385: Nonconforming Uses Of Land
Article L. Administration
12-387: Building Permit Or Certificate Of Occupancy Required
12-388: Building Permits
12-389: Certificate Of Occupancy
12-390: Procedure For Authorizing Uses Permitted On Review
12-391: Amendments
12-392: Adoption Of Amendment
12-393: Violation And Penalty