5.2.2.   PURPOSE
   This provides for the reasonable use of hillside areas and related lands while protecting the public health, safety, and general welfare by:
   A.   Determining whether certain types of soil conditions exist, such as loose or easily eroded soils or rocky soils that may require blasting, and utilizing appropriate engineering technology to result in stable during and subsequent to ;
   B.   Reducing water runoff, soil , and rock slides by minimizing and by requiring and restoration;
   C.   Permitting intensity of with the natural characteristics of hillside terrain, such as degree of , significant landforms, soil suitability, and existing drainage patterns;
   D.   Preserving the scenic quality of the desert and mountain environment through the retention of dominant and ridges in their natural states;
   E.   Reducing the physical impact of hillside by encouraging innovative and architectural design, minimizing , and requiring restoration of graded areas;
   F.   Providing safe and convenient vehicular access by encouraging on the less steeply sloped terrain; and,
   G.   Promoting cost-efficient public services by encouraging on the less steeply sloped terrain, thereby minimizing service extensions and utility costs and maximizing access for all necessary life safety services.