The following are permitted in the HPZ.
   A.   Uses Permitted by the Underlying Zoning
   Uses permitted by the underlying zoning and reasonably accommodated within existing without altering the historic nature or significance of the .
   B.   Retail Sales by Resident
   Retail sales by resident may be permitted notwithstanding limitations of the underlying zoning standards. A proposed resident use is reviewed and considered for approval in accordance with Section 3.3.4, 100' Notice Procedure. A resident use may be allowed as an to a principal residential in accordance with the following standards:
      1.   The resident use applies only to the applicant’s use and the property for which approval was sought;
      2.   Retail sales are limited to goods produced on the premises by an residing on the premises limited to the following:
         a.   Fine and commercial art, sculpture, and writing;
         b.   Crafts, including ceramics, metal, wood, jewelry, leather, weaving, antique repair, and custom furniture;
         c.   Photography; or,
         d.   Similar activities as may be approved by the PDSD .
      3.   The exterior appearance of the existing is not altered for the purposes of the nonresidential use;
      4.   A sign shall identify only the resident or residence and conform to the standards of the HPZ and Article 7A, Sign Standards, except that the size of the sign is limited to one and one-half square feet in area;
      5.   Storage, parking, and working areas are landscaped and screened in accordance with Section 7.6, and Screening Standards, with materials with those in the HPZ as approved by the PDSD ;
      6.   The resident use occupies no more than 25% of the of the , nor is there exterior display, activity, or advertisement of products or services;
      7.   No more than one nonresident is employed on the premises; and,
      8.   The activity does not create traffic, parking, noise, odors, waste materials, electrical interference, or any other negative impact that would adversely affect the character of the HPZ.
(Am. Ord. 11150, 3/18/2014; Am. Ord. 11732, 2/19/2020; Am. Ord. 11803, 12/8/2020)