A.   The developer and/or property owner shall be responsible for the following:
      1.   Submitting a Hillside Development Plan in accordance with Section 9-01.0.0, Hillside Development , of the Technical Standards Manual;
      2.   Submitting average natural cross-slope and area analyses in accordance with Section 9-01.3.0, Analysis Standard, of the Technical Standards Manual, certified by an Arizona registered professional, such as an engineer, land surveyor, architect, or landscape architect, for review and verification by the City Engineer or designee;
      3.   Surveying, staking, and inspection of the or by a certified engineer or land surveyor to determine compliance with the provisions of this section; and,
      4.   On- enforcement by certifying to the City Engineer or designee that the complies with the HDZ standards during the period of .
   B.   If of any provision of the HDZ occurs, the property owner is responsible for bringing the into compliance with the HDZ standards. This may require restoration of the as closely as possible to its original undisturbed condition, topography, and vegetation, in order to remove the .