5.2.10.   VARIANCES
   A request for a variance from the 300-foot from a or as provided for in Section 5.2.6, Natural Areas, shall meet, in addition to the findings required for a variance, the following conditions. Consideration shall be in accordance with Sections 3.10.1 and 3.10.3, Board of Adjustment Variance Procedure.
   A.   The proposed is for a single- residence;
   B.   The only area to be graded within the and is for a pad and access to the ;
   C.   The visible external portion of the or , except for doors, windows, and mechanical equipment, shall be constructed of materials that will blend with the predominant natural colors found on the or ;
   D.   The highest portion of the is no higher than the elevation of the or ;
   E.   No more than six feet of the external portion of the is exposed, except at points of ;
   F.   All on the or are located underground; and,
   G.   The is designed so that glass surfaces do not reflect beyond the or boundaries. This can be accomplished by methods such as using nonreflective glass or providing overhangs or other window shading, structural elements, or that, when mature, will windows.