Natural areas may be designated on any or , subject to the following standards.
   A.    other than hiking trails shall not be permitted within the legally described boundaries of a natural area. (See Figure 5.2-D.)
Figure 5.2-D: Hiking Trails in Designated Natural Areas in HDZ
   B.   The natural area shall be delineated in a surveyable manner on the tentative and final or on the , whichever is applicable, and designated by legal description on a document recorded with the Pima County Recorder.
   C.   A natural area may be designated as a deed-restricted portion of a privately-owned or as a separate . This may be under the ownership of a or deeded to any organization willing to accept responsibility for the perpetual preservation of the natural area, subject to approval and acceptance by the City of Tucson.
   D.   To protect the natural areas, covenants that run with the land shall be provided in favor of the City of Tucson and of all owners with record interest in the natural area.
   E.   If natural areas are designated, then at least one such natural area, if in a of four or more in size, shall be at least one-half in size or immediately and to other land also designated as natural area that, in the aggregate, is at least one-half in size. Section 5.2.6 applies only to natural areas and not to other common areas and , such as recreation areas, road medians, etc., that are not designated as required natural area.