A.   Application Requirements
      Use of the of the IID, as opposed to existing underlying zoning, requires plan approval by PDSD regardless of IID Subdistrict, Area or Sub-Area. Plan submittal shall consist of the following:
      1.   IID Plan
         Applicants shall submit an IID Plan, as outlined in Section 5.12.6, demonstrating compliance with applicable IID design and requirements. The Plan must clearly state the applicant's intention to use the IID zoning option in lieu of the existing underlying zoning. Additionally, for using IID Optional Zoning, applicants are required to provide contextual elevations demonstrating compliance with the following design :
         a.   Section 5.12.8, Subsection A (Streetscape Design) and Subsection B (Development Transition Standards) and Subsection C (Alternative Compliance).
         b.   The applicable Sub-District, Area, or Sub-Area.
      2.   Development Package
         A Package is required when is proposed under existing underlying UDC zoning, or if a development package is otherwise required by the UDC, in which case a separate Plan must be prepared in compliance with the Package requirements in Section 2-06.0.0 of the Administrative Manual.
   B.   Modifications or Waivers of IID Plan Submittal Requirements
      An applicant may request modification to or waiver from the plan submittal requirements, subject to the following:
      1.   The applicant shall specifically identify the submittal requirement(s) for which a modification or waiver is requested and provide a rationale for the request; and,
      2.   The PDSD Director shall determine whether to grant the request within 10 working days of the request. In making this decision, the PDSD Director shall consider the purpose statements of the IID, and the applicable and Area Plan policies. The PDSD Director's approval of a request under this subsection is not, nor shall it be construed as, an endorsement of a by PDSD.
(Am. Ord. 11246, 2/18/2015; Am. Ord. 11640, 4/23/2019)