5.12.1.   PURPOSE
   The primary purpose of the Downtown Area Infill Incentive (IID) is to encourage redevelopment in the following ways:
   A.   Encourage sustainable infill that supports the creation of urban neighborhoods that are pedestrian and transit-oriented and benefits the IID, the major activity centers in the area, and the as a whole, while promoting compatibility with existing residential and non-residential properties and neighborhoods;
   B.   Address barriers to infill in the Downtown Area Infill Incentive (IID), such as incompatible and associated barrier issues;
   C.   Implement the IID purposes by offering incentives permitting a modification of requirements;
   D.   Provide for appropriate transitional design where the or is to existing single-family residential ;
   E.   Protect and historic neighborhoods and existing residential neighborhoods from potential negative impacts of new ; and,
   F.   Consolidate the regulations and design that apply to downtown areas into a single ordinance by moving certain provisions of the Rio Nuevo (RND) overlay , former Section 5.11, into the IID Rio Nuevo Area (RNA) and renumbering them to conform to the numbering of the IID.
(Am. Ord. 11246, 2/18/2015)