The Drachman School has existed since 1902 on a comprising 5 through 12, 120, City of Tucson (Book 2, Maps and , Page 4). The is bounded by Seventh Avenue, Eighteenth , Eighth Avenue (also known as Convent Avenue), and residential on 3 and 4 on the northern portion of 120. The school use was established prior to current standards, but the is no longer used as a school. This overlay recognizes the benefits to be realized from adaptive reuse of this property and portions of the existing . Reflection of the historical elements of the school in the redevelopment of the is also recognized as an important consideration. The purpose of this overlay is to ensure the viability of of the Drachman School with housing for the elderly, as permitted within the existing R-3 , while ensuring that this use does not contribute to the deterioration of the living environment, the downgrading of property values, and the diminishment of the health, safety, and general welfare conditions of the residential area.