A.   Establishment or Dissolution of, or Amendment to a Neighborhood Preservation
      1.   An NPZ is initiated by the Mayor and Council at their sole discretion.
      2.   An NPZ is established, amended, or dissolved by the Mayor and Council by ordinance in accordance with Section 3.5, Rezoning (Change of Zoning) Procedure.
   B.   Eligibility and Applicability
      1.   The NPZ is an overlay superimposed over the standards of the underlying zoning. The permitted within the NPZ district are those permitted by the underlying zoning;
      2.   Neighborhoods listed on the National Register of Historic Districts, include a National Register Historic District, or are eligible to be listed on the National Register of Historic Districts and have completed a National Historic District Nomination or Eligibility Assessment application are eligible for the NPZ; and,
      3.   An NPZ applies to residential only.
   C.   Design Manual
      1.   The Design Manual is created upon initiation of the NPZ district and shall, at a minimum contain the following:
         a.   NPZ District
            (1)   Identification of within the NPZ District;
            (2)   Identification of the defining characteristics of the NPZ district. Such identification may include excerpts or references to those portions of the National Register nomination or eligibility document that summarize the defining characteristics of the ; and,
            (3)   Illustrations and narratives describing (1) and (2) above.
         b.   NPZ District Map
         The Design Manual shall include a map of the boundaries of the NPZ district showing the and the boundaries of the National Register District or area eligible for a National Register District.
         c.    Review Standards
         The Review Standards determine a proposed ’s with the in the . The basis for the Review Standards is the defining characteristics of the National Register Historic District as identified in the ’s nomination or eligibility document. A description and examples of each of the following elements shall be provided in the Design Manual:
            (1)   Scale and , such as height, bulk and massing, and number of stories;
            (2)   Architectural style and detail, such as roof types, projections and recessions (e.g., porches, awnings, overhangs, steps, and entrances), window sizes and spacing, materials, and surface texture and colors;
            (3)   Spatial relationships and , such as spacing between , front and rear side , , attachments (e.g., and ), and outbuildings; and,
            (4)    . shall only be reviewed for when a proposes a comprehensive change to the streetscape such as the construction of a new residential unit.
         d.   Privacy Measures
         The Design Manual shall recommend specific privacy measures to be considered in a NPZ Design Review in accordance with Section 5.10.3.A.2. Examples of privacy include vegetative or other screening or siting elements, walls, siting of or windows, and eliminating balconies or similar features to reduce views towards the existing dwellings.
         e.   Other Standards
         Dimensional, spatial, and access standards, if adopted by Mayor and Council as mandatory in accordance with Section 5.10.2.C.2, shall be included in the Design Manual.
      2.   Dimensional, Spatial, and Access Standards
      The Design Manual may contain dimensional, spatial, or access standards, subject to the following:
         a.   The dimensional, spatial, and access standards may differ from the standards in Article 6 and Article 7 of the . Such standards may be more or less restrictive than those of the underlying provided they comply with the following:
            (1)   Do not create a or intrude on the privacy of or surrounding properties;
            (2)   Create a more historically setting, accommodate energy efficiency or, ensure enhanced resource conservation greater than current standards; and,
            (3)   In the case of access standards, specify measures to ensure safe access.
         b.   The Mayor and Council may adopt dimensional, spatial, and access standards as mandatory requirements upon a finding by the of PDSD that the proposed standard complies with this section.
         c.   Dimensional, spatial, and access standards not adopted as mandatory requirements shall be advisory for purposes of a review.
   D.   Districts Established
      1.   NPZ districts are established upon adoption of a rezoning ordinance for a neighborhood. The Design Manual created in accordance with Section 5.10.2.C is a condition of the NPZ district.
      2.   Adopted NPZ districts shall use the following format: “NPZ-1" - NAME OF DISTRICT - Adopted on XXX, by Ordinance No. XXX.
   To identify each of the NPZ districts on the City of Tucson , the preface “N” is added to the assigned residential zoning designation, i.e., R-1 becomes NR-1.