A.   The following should be considered when determining if an area, neighborhood, or shall be established as a HPZ, or whether the boundaries of an existing HPZ shall be changed or dissolved:
      1.   A HPZ shall include , historic buildings, or , as defined in Section 11.4.9, and which are listed or eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places as a at the local, state, or national level of significance;
      2.   A HPZ should include a group of related , , and in their original setting that contribute to an understanding of the heritage of the community;
      3.   The group of , , and should provide the area with a sense of uniqueness, and should be readily distinguishable from other areas of the community;
      4.   There should be a sufficient number of and of related or similar characteristics to make a recognizable entity; and,
      5.   Properties that meet the aforementioned criteria may be proposed for designation as a HPZ Contributing Property.
   B.   Proposed HPZ
      1.   An area may be proposed for HPZ designation or amendment by any of the following:
         a.   The Mayor and Council;
         b.   The property owners of fifty-one percent or more of the land area of the proposed HPZ (for calculation only, one owner per property); or,
         c.   Sixty-five percent or more of the property owners within the proposed HPZ (for calculation only, one owner per property).
(Am. Ord. 11150, 3/18/2014)