A.   Siting of shall be such that existing natural topography and vegetation is minimally disturbed. beyond that necessary for siting of , parking, private yards, and structural is prohibited. All existing viable and transplantable vegetation with a of four inches or greater and all Saguaro cacti shall be preserved or relocated on the .
   B.   A that has at least 200 feet of along a must provide view corridors as follows:
      1.   The view corridor(s) shall have a combined width of at least 20% of that ; and,
      2.   There must be at least one view corridor from the into and through that portion of the that lies within the SCZ. (See Figure 5.3-D.)
Figure 5.3-D: View Corridors in Scenic Corridor
   C.   Drainageways shall be maintained in their natural states when possible, and the discretionary authority shall be exercised only under unusual circumstances. In situations where the discretionary authority is exercised by the City Engineer or designee, modifications shall be in accordance with the “Floodplain, Stormwater, and Hazard Management Regulations.”