5.5.4.    STANDARDS
   In addition to other applicable standards in other sections of the , such as and screening, the following standards are required of in the GCZ:
   A.   Signs
   Signs as permitted by Article 7A, Sign Standards, are allowed within the required landscaped area with the exception of billboards. Billboards are not permitted within 400 feet of the .
      1.   New
         a.   New for on private and on public along shall be underground.
         b.   Existing poles shall be used to provide the required transition to underground service to new to . When necessary to serve new , a new pole set in line with, but not extending, an existing overhead system used to serve new is not considered a new utility.
         c.   Upgrades and reinforcements of existing overhead facilities are allowed to the extent that the total number of electrical circuits or communication cables is not increased.
      2.   Existing
      Where an existing is expanded in or land area to any degree, new and existing to all portions of the shall be located underground. Additions to single- dwellings are exempt from this provision.
      3.   Relocation of
      Relocation of overhead utility facilities required by public improvement districts along shall conform with existing franchise requirements.
(Am. Ord. 11803, 12/8/2020)