5.7.4.    STANDARDS
   A.   Preservation of
   Preservation of 100% of within the for shown on the ERZ Maps are required, except as provided in Sections 5.7.3, Options, and 5.7.5, Standards for /Utility Encroachment. The may be included as part of any required on the .
   B.   Residential
   Residential of four or more are allowed only as provided in Section 8.7.3, Flexible Lot Development (FLD), except as provided in Section 5.7.2.G.2. Use of the FLD shall provide for the maximum amount of preservation while preserving options.
   C.   Nonresidential
   Nonresidential is allowed based on underlying zoning.
   D.    Plan
      1.   Where preservation of the cannot be accomplished as provided in these standards, the owner is required to submit a plan;
      2.   The plan shall include the following:
         a.   A statement of findings as to why 100% preservation of the cannot be accomplished;
         b.   A description of the specific impact of the on existing within the ;
         c.   The proposed techniques to lessen the impacts of the on the . The techniques employed by the should protect remaining and restore disturbed during construction. This may be done through clustering away from substantial amounts of , enhancement of degraded through or restoration, or other means appropriate to the type of (see Figure 5.7-B); and,
         d.   A plan for 100% restoration of the disturbed during construction as detailed in Section 5.7.5.A.6, 7, and 8;
         e.   A plan is reviewed and considered for approval in accordance with Section 3.3.3, PDSD Approval Procedure. In reviewing the statement of findings and the plan, such factors as the amount, quality, and predisturbance condition of the within the ; the contiguity of the ; the presence of any endangered species; the upstream or downstream characteristics of the designated wash; the alternatives to the layout and design of the ; and any other pertinent factors relating to the proposed or the that may be provided by the owner and the reviewing parties shall be taken into consideration.
Figure 5.7-B: Options
   E.   Temporary Fencing Required
   No grubbing, , or construction shall occur on a until areas designated to be retained in a natural state are temporarily fenced.
   F.   Inspection of Fencing
   All temporary fencing shall be field inspected by PDSD before any construction on the begins. Fencing shall be removed only on completion of construction.