5.6.1.   PURPOSE
   The purpose of this overlay is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of and property in the vicinity of Tucson International (TIA) and Davis-Monthan Air Force Base (DMAFB) and protect the long term viability of DMAFB. This is accomplished by: (1) Reducing noise and safety hazards associated with aircraft operations; (2) preserving the operational stability of these ; and (3) assisting in the implementation of policies and recommendations in the ’s and Environs Plan, the ), and the and the Davis-Monthan Joint Land Study (DMJLUS). The overlay further:
   A.   Promotes the of uses with aircraft operations through the establishment of standards for the regulation of and ;
   B.   Addresses potentially life-threatening situations in areas exposed to aircraft accident potential through restrictions on the congregation of large numbers of people or high concentrations of people and by restrictions on concentrations of people who are unable to respond to emergency situations, such as children, the elderly, the handicapped, and undergoing medical treatment;
   C.   Increases the protection of exposed to high levels of aircraft noise by requiring acoustical treatment in located within these areas and regulating those uses that are sensitive to such noise;
   D.   Prohibits uses that create potential hazards to the safe approach and departure of aircraft; and,
   E.   Recognizes the role of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in the Tucson community and protects the ’s interest in ensuring the continued viability and operation of Davis-Monthan AFB by limiting incompatible in the (ADC).