5.7.3.    OPTIONS
    subject to the ERZ may use one of the two following options.
   A.   No Encroachment in Floodplain
   Where the owner of a or affected by these standards chooses to leave the 100-year floodplain undisturbed, the ERZ does not apply except that temporary fencing shall be placed between the and the floodplain area as provided in Section 5.7.5.B, Temporary Fencing Required. Encroachment of the floodplain is limited to , , walkways, or bike paths as provided in Section 5.7.5 , Standards for /Utility Encroachment. (See Figure 5.7-A.)
Figure 5.7-A: No Encroachment in Floodplain (ERZ)
   B.   Study of
   The following information is required when an applicant affected by these standards chooses to do a study of the :
      1.   An (ERR) in accordance with the provisions in the Administrative Manual is required. The ERR is a study of the and documents locations of the and ;
      2.   A plan in accordance with Section 5.7.4.D, Plan, is also required if preservation of the cannot be accomplished as required by the ERZ standards;
      3.   The and, when applicable, the plan is reviewed and considered for approval in accordance with Section 3.3.3, PDSD Approval Procedure; and,
      4.   Permits for grubbing, , construction, or any other shall not be issued until all applicable standards of Section 5.7.4, 5.7.5, and 5.7.6 are met.