A.   The IID is comprised of the Sub-Districts listed below. For the boundaries of the IID and Sub-Districts see Section 5.12.18 (Figure 5.12.18-1). The exact boundaries of the IID overlay and Sub-Districts are identified on the official kept on file at the Planning and Development Services Department (PDSD) and the Clerk's Office.
      1.   The Rio Nuevo Area (RNA), Section 5.12.7.
         a.   The RNA Section 5.12.7 includes all properties in the area previously included in the former RND.
         b.   The RNA encompasses portions of the Downtown Core Sub-District (DCS), Greater Infill Incentive Sub-District (GIIS), and the Downtown Links Sub-District (DLS) as shown on the map in Exhibit 5.12.18-1.
      2.   The GIIS, as outlined in Section 5.12.9.
      3.   The DCS, as outlined in Section 5.12.10.
      4.   The DLS, as outlined in Section 5.12.11, which is further subdivided into the following Areas:
         a.   Toole Avenue Area (TAA), Section 5.12.12.
         b.   Warehouse Triangle Area (WTA), Section 5.12.13.
         c.   Fourth Avenue Area (FAA), Section 5.12.14.
         d.   Iron Horse Area (IHA), Section 5.12.15.
         e.   Stone/Sixth Area (SSA), Section 5.12.16.
         Some of the DLS Areas listed above are further subdivided into Sub-Districts (see Section 5.12.11.A).
   B.   The IID contains both mandatory and optional overlay and requirements. Plans submitted in accordance with the IID shall comply with the applicable of this Section.
      1.   If utilizing the IID Zoning Option for s proposing exterior or modifications within the RNA overlay, the requirements and of the RNA are mandatory.
      2.   The GIIS, the DCS, and DLS, are optional overlay and regulations, which a property owner may chose in lieu of the underlying zoning (IID zoning option).
   C.   Depending on the choice of the owner, plans submitted for of land in the IID must comply with the applicable IID regulations and as follows:
      1.    under existing underlying UDC zoning:
         a.   The regulations and of the underlying apply; and,
         b.   If the property is located within the boundaries of the RNA, all of the following regulations, , and review procedures apply:
            (1)   The regulations and of the underlying zoning;
            (2)   The RNA in Section 5.12.7;
            (3)   Section 5.12.6.E.; and,
            (4)   RNA applications for are reviewed by the Design Review Board (DRB) pursuant to Section 2.2.6, Design Review Board.
      2.    under the IID zoning option:
         a.   The regulations and of the applicable IID Sub-District, Area or Sub-Area in which the is located, apply.
         b.   Regardless of the Sub-District, Area or Sub-Area, all in the IID must submit a plan and comply with the following:
            (1)   Section 5.12.5, IID Plan Submittal Requirements; and,
            (2)   Section 5.12.6, IID Plan Review and Approval Procedures Under the IID Zoning Option.
         c.    in the GIIS and DCS must comply with the design and requirements of Section 5.12.8, General IID Zoning Option Design Standards.
         d.   Applications for IID zoning option are reviewed either under the major or minor design review process for compliance with the applicable and requirements pursuant to Section 5.12.6.I.
   D.   An IID Plan using the IID zoning option provisions cannot be used in conjunction with other waiver or modification provisions provided by the (UDC). This prohibition does not apply to Section 7.4.5, Individual Parking Plan, IPP, which may be used in conjunction with the IID zoning option provisions.
   E.   Conflict of Laws.
      1.   The requirements and of the IID provisions should be interpreted to avoid conflict whenever possible with other UDC provisions.
      2.   Where the of this Section conflict with other Sections of the UDC, the of this Section shall control.
      3.   Where the of the DLS conflict with the general IID of Section 5.12.8, of the DLS apply. Flexible alternatives to encourage innovative design solutions may still be allowed.
   F.   Amendments to or dissolution of the IID are processed in accordance with Section 3.7, UDC Text Amendment Procedure.
(Am. Ord. 11246, 2/18/2015; Am. Ord. 11640, 4/23/2019)