A.   Variance Requests
      1.   Variances from the ERZ standards are reviewed and considered for approval in accordance with Sections 3.10.1 and 3.10.3, Board of Adjustment Variance Procedure. As provided in Section 2.2.6.C.5, the Design Review Board (DRB) reviews all ERZ variance request and forwards its recommendations to the Board of Adjustment.
      2.   If the City Engineer or designee, a notified property owner, or the applicant for the variance requests consideration of stormwater management issues related to the variance, the Stormwater Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) may review the variance request concurrently with the DRB and may provide written or oral testimony at the public hearing for the variance request. Any such testimony shall address the required findings.
   B.   Proposed Amendments
   The Stormwater Advisory Committee (SAC) may review all proposed amendments to this section and may provide written conclusions and recommendations to the PDSD of the Department of Transportation to be forwarded to the Planning Commission and the Mayor and Council prior to public hearings on the proposed amendments.